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In la kesh October 10, 2008

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A few years ago when I was still living in Greece, I came across the word Inlakesh one day while browsing the web. I believe it is a Mayan expression and means “I am another you”.
It really struck a cord with me so I parked the website name in Greece and registered the name as a limited company in the UK.
Needless to say I never traded on the name and only ever had an “Under Construction” page posted.
Somehow it just didn’t feel right to use the name for business. It was something more personal, soul food even and so I just left it hanging until a few weeks ago when I decided to use it with a blog. I am going to try to find out more about it and post items here. More later .. Mx

P.S. is a musical group but I think they have disbanded now. Didgeridoo stuff! Anybody heard of them or heard their music?


Latest plans

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Yes, yes … I know … with me they are always subject to change.
After a lovely 2 months house/cat-sitting in Hermanus, Western Cape, I’ve made my way back up to East London to see my sister, Joanna, Rod and the children. The current plan is to carry on back up to Natal to help my mother move to her new house. No rush, the old place hasn’t been sold yet.
After that I’m back down mid November in Hermanus again to house/cat-sit in the same place for another 3 months while the owner is in New Zealand.
I did shift the date of my flight again, so I may head to the US at the end of October.
I’ll also be up in East London with the family over Christmas and New Year. Mx



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Well I finally decided to join the ranks of the bloggers. I think it’ll be fun, post of a few pics, cathart, let folks know where I am, general ramblings …
Trying to decide on a theme – now there’s a dilemma!
Chat soon. M x


Still in South Africa

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From what started as a “need a break” back in August 2007 has ended up with a lovely long stay back in good ol’ SA. It’s been more than a year since I left the US and with a stop in UK and Portugal on the way out, I’ve been back here almost a year.
I’ve postponed my return ticket twice. The first back in May I switched to beginning of October and I’ve now switched it to the end of October. It was an airmiles ticket that I didn’t want to lose but I only have a year from the original flight to use the return portion.
Most of my stuff is being stored back in San Rafael in a storage unit, courtesy of MC. I’m loathe to ship it anywhere until I know where I’m going to settle. At some point I am going to need a base so who knows.



Good coffee anyone?

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My hunt for good coffee is never-ending it seems. I recently managed to find a great place in Hermanus and was there almost every day whilst I was house-sitting. Good and strong but that doesn’t remove your top palate.
I met a lovely couple at the same cafe and the lady said that she enjoys Gloria Jeans. I did come across a branch of theirs in the Knysna Mall recently but they hadn’t opened yet and I was hitting the road to head up to East London.
In East London – it’s slim pickings I am afraid. Average at best. If anyone knows of a great cup of coffee to be had be sure to let me know.
I am loathe to admit I do enjoy Starbucks and as yet they have not arrived in South Africa. Maybe I should have a word. I did actually meet the CEO of the International Division in Athens once and we had a good chat. I may just have to drop him a line as he did leave me his business card.
More on coffee later …. perhaps there’s an opening for a new business. Mx


I’m back

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It’s taken a while to get organised with quite a bit going on and quite a bit of travelling but here goes. Telling it like it is … Mx


Finally!!! August 14, 2008

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Well, I’ve finally figured out what I am going to do with the website names that I’ve kept for years and years. More on Inlakesh later ..
I’m keeping just the one for personal to have a blog, let one go and I registered another two for my business. A business site is really way past being due.
Keep checking back for updates. Mx